Kung Fu Hustle


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Just saw the movie earlier tonight, and I really liked the song that played when Brother Sum was dancing (First 5-10 minutes of the movie). Anyone know what the name of this particular song is? Heh, great dancing and movie, too.
i just saw kung fu hustle and if anyone knows any of the song names form it i will love you forever. i especially like the little song bit with the trumpets where the axe gang are dancing. thanks
i know one of the names of one of the songs is "ballroom blitz" by Sweet
Raymond Wong did the classical music. He did some of the music in Shaolin Soccer as well I think.

Also there's:

Title: Zhi Yao Wei Ni Huo Yi Tian
Performed by: Huang Sheng Yi
Arranged by: Raymond Wong

Title: Fishermen's Song of the East China Sea
Composed by: Ma Sheng Long/Gu Guan Ren

Title: Don't Forget Tonight
Composed and Lyrics by: Chen Ge Xin
Performed by: Gong Qiu Xia

Title: Zhi Yao Wei Ni Huo Yi Tian
Composed by: Liu Jie Chang
Lyrics by: Lin Huang Kun

Title: My Dream Lover
Composed and Lyrics by: Chen Ge Xin
Performed by: Gong Qiu Xia

Title: Sabre Dance
Composed by: Aram Khachaturian
Performed by: Some name I can't pronounce.

Title: Chuang Jiang Ling
Composed by:Yu Hui Yong/Hu Deng Tiao

Title: Ying Xiong Men Zhan Sheng Le Da Du He
Composed by: Luo Zong Xian

Title: Xiao Dao Hui Zu Qu
Composed by: Shang Yi

Great Movie. Watch From China With Love, one of Stephen Chow's earlier movies.
this one is tough but i was wondering if u guys can help me with the entire movie soundtrack. and did they release a soundtrack for this movie? if they did, then u guys dont have to bother. thanx alot!