Kung Fu Hustle


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I just saw a trailer for a movie on apple.com, never seen any ads on TV for it... Looks hilarious, and had great background music... can anyone help? The trailer can be seen HERE.

Thanks all...
I'm not sure what the big band-sounding song at the beginning of the trailer is, but the rock song that plays through the second half is "The Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet. It's on iTunes. Hope that's the one you were looking for!
You're quite correct, that was the one I'd been looking for, and though I'd found it on my own about 20 minuites ago, thank you very much for you help.

There's also like... 6 or 7 other versions of this, supposedly. I found versions attributed to all sorts of different groups. Some were obviously the same thing, just mislabelled, but soem were definately covers.
anyone know the name of the song that is in the kung fu hustle trailer? its some fast paced rock song thats also in a car commercial i think