Kraft KD dinner commercial!!


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hi ya'll !!!!

i saw this kraft KD dinner mac n cheese commercial today.. goes alittle something like this...

two guys get their dorm room for university, building manager tells them " this is your dorm for the semester, there are no microwaves or hot plates allowed" manager leaves, then one of the students pulls out a KD dinner and says " hungry?!" so they turn up the heat of the whole building and put the pot of KD on the heater in their dorm.. its so hot in the building that everyone is just wearing their underwear mostly... the two guys are staring at something while they are eating, they say " should we turn down the heat?!" then it shows you that they are staring at these two girls that are just in their underwear. during that part of the commercial it plays a song.. i think it says in the song... i'm hot!!... thats all i know... it has an awesome beat.. i can tell its a hip hop or rap song for sure.. it kind of sounds like a neptunes beat.. but i'm just assuming so if anyone knows this song please let me know its killing me!!!

thanks in advance..

while the beat is playing it goes..... so hot, so hot, i'm hot..

its a girl saying that.. it sounds like kelis. i saw it on MTV and MUCH during the MTV video music awards.

someone tell me this song if they know it. i've been trying to find it for days now!
i emailed kraft. its been 3 weeks now. no word so far. so i don't know what the deal is. does anyone else know?!?!!

the commercial is still on. just watch MTV or Much Music. .......... anyone know the song?!
I don't think I've ever seen the ad...

Likely, if people aren't responding we have no clue on the music -- and that means it's suspect to being an original composition for the ad. :(
oh.. damn that sucks.. i see it all the time when i watch TV. oh well thanks anyways! :D
if i ever figure it out i'll post it up! :D :)