Kohl's "Do You Believe in Magic"


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Kohl's "Do You Believe in Magic"

Who sings "Do You Believe in Magic" on the new Kohl's ads? It sounds like Sheryl Crow.
The song was ORIGINALLY by The Lovin Spoonful, tho this is a female artist singing it, might also be Jewel?

If you find out, I would love to know, they have been playing this ad about 6 times during the 4-hour prime time on all networks here in the midwest.

There is another commercial with the same song performed by a guy.
There are two different commercials and the male voiced is the original Lovin' Spoonful version. In my search for a previously recorded version by a female artist, the only version I could find was by Carol Burnette's late daugher Carrie Hamilton, from the soundtrack to an 80's movie called Tokyo Pop. I don't think this commercial's version is that one though, because it seems to be a duet with a male Japanese singer.
My guess is the ad agency bought the rights to use the song not only in it's original form, but the rights to use the music and re-record it. My guess is the female voiced ad is done by studio musicians.

I am enamored by the short song covers these companies put in their commercials. Most recently with the latest Kohls TV spot, I continue to replay the movie on their website over and over. These companies (Kohls, Gap, etc) should release CDs of the music in their commercials, I would absolutely buy it. In fact, I would even make a trip to their store to buy such an item, as I have never walked into a Kohls store before.

Although in my quest to find this song "Do You Believe In Magic?", I did find a similar version used in a movie called Ice Princess preformed by "Aly & A.J." (google that and you'll find it). While it's not the same, it's pretty close.

I'm glad sites like this exist, so like minded people can obsess over an old song in a commercial.