yeah, i've searched everywhere with no luck and it's killing me. nobody on the planet seems to know who made the song.
So, they've changed the song on the site, why, still, does anyone know the name of the song that was played on the original commercials?
The song for this commercial is The Books - Tokyo. They recently changed the song on the commercial, but the original song is the one listed above.
Got it! I contacted the organization and someone was kind enough to send me the info.

Artist: The Books
Track: Tokyo
Album: The Lemon of Pink
Label: Tomlab

Yeah i searched everywhere for it...but i just decided to do a quick google search after I posted and found the song. It's pretty cool.
Does anyone know what the music is that is featured in the commerical for aids awareness? it shows two people touching which then turns into 4 people and the number of people keep growing , signifying the growing of knowledge of aids.... the music is really pretty and im trying to figure out what it is.
hey i was wondering if any of you know the song from the hiv/aids commercial...its a bunch of people dancing in a big just sounds like an acoustic guitar...wonder if anybody knows...i'm trying to get teh url to the commercial right now...

adios amigos.
I believe it's called "Tokyo" and it's by a group called The Books. I think it's on their album "The Lemon of Pink."
does anyone know the song in the HIV/AIDS commerical...?
its the one where there is a bunch of people are in a line and they all start dancing and scatter around
the music is basically just an acoustic guitar piece but i nkow there's more to it

...can anyone help?

If it's the same ad I'm thinking of ...

Then, I learned the answer here at AdTunes ...

Song is ...

The Books - "Tokyo" - CD: The Lemon of Pink

BN sound sample - track 3

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
the ones that feature kinda of global/ethnic drumming very short commercials with people painting the subway, town, bus or what have you with the KnowHiv slogan.

I don't know the song, but maybe someone will... if I know what you're talking about, it's on this page, the one's called "Mural" and "Connection" (scroll down a little to find them)

I saw a different one, and am curious if anyone knows the music from it. It's the same video as the one marked "Street" on that page (groups of people on the street dancing, shot from overhead they form little patterns and stuff), but instead of the hip hop in the clip on that site, it's this sort of... ambient background with two acoustic guitars doing some kinda fugue thing. I just happened to see it at 3am, so I doubt anyone has ever seen it, and that's as close as I've come via google.