Kiss the Girls


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Hi I was wondering if anybody could help me find out the song that is playing when they go to the club to see if the killer was in there. I know Atom Bomb by Fluke is playing. But then there's a part where this lady starts singing. Ashley Judd is in a trance like state while the music is playing. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. I've been looking for this song ever since it came out.
Usually lists movie soundtracks in order of appearance -- and the song following Atom Bomb in that list is called "Bazamba" by Sister Soleil. I can't find the song on any albums though... :(
I found her Cd on msn entertainment. Do you mean it's not on her cd's?
I only found one CD by her on Amazon, here -- but that song isn't on it. And, it's not on the Kiss The Girls soundtrack either. I don't know where (if anywhere) it exists. :unsure:
Thank you so much hey maybe you can help me with another one. Check out my posting for The Valentine Movie.