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I'm talking about the music that starts exactly when the trailer begins listing the actors. I believe the first scene with this music is when Liam is standing and looking up from a staircase.

Anyone know where this is from?

Or better yet, anyone know where I can download the music clip? (yeah, that last part is a long shot)

Thanks for any info!
link to watch trailer?

And, file sharing is against our Forum Rules.
I don't recognize any of the music... Might could be from the score to the movie.
Both tracks are by X-RAY DOG.

The first is 'Time Will Tell' and the second is 'The Journey (Nox Vox Version)'.
I know that both tracks in the trailer are Time will tell and the journey by X-ray dog but does anyone know where I can find these songs on the web or anything? Thanks!
I think X-Ray Dog is a production company that only makes music to be used in ads and such. If that's the case, you won't find the songs -- they aren't available for the public.
I recently saw the trailer for Kinsey, available here:

The music starts just after Liam Neeson says, "So, if you're sitting comfortably there, let's begin." and it runs until he says, "The forces of chastity are massing once again."

It's a beautifully orchestrated piece, backed with a solid drum beat. If you know what this track might be, please contribute!

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