Kia Sportage "Clockwatchers"


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Kia Sportage "Clockwatchers"

:angry: alright... I've been looking and looking and looking and (well you get the idea...) for this song from the new "Reintroduced" Kia Sportage... it's not the commercial with the keys being dropped. It's about people ignoring everything going on around them because they're watching their clocks in anticipation of the release of the new Sportage. This song was also in the "generations" commercial for direct tv during the superbowl: about a boy growing into an old man and how tv has come a long way.

It's a simple, elegant, slightly somber tune... and it's just piano for most of it.

I can't find a thread on EITHER of these songs and I'm guessing that since it's in two totally different commercials for 2 TOTALLY different companies, that this song is not an original just made for one of them. If anyone can shed some light on my question I would greatly appreciate it. :D

Thanks in advance.... prok.
You are right - both commercials are using the same track.

You can view the Kia Sportage 'Clockwatchers' commercial here.

It is a piece from the Extreme Music production library and unfortunately is not available to the general public.
Hey Thats not exactly true the song in the kia sportage commercials is
called great life by goat. I found it on the i-tunes website its the same song... :p
'Great Life' is the track used in the OTHER Kia Sportage commercial, 'Key Toss'.