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Does anyone know of the song or artist in the latest Kia Amanti commercial which has in the background a haunting ethereal female vocal? This is the TV spot titled "Books" in which the car is negotiating its way around monolithic, building-size textbooks as a voiceover asks, "Where is it written that a big car has to be boring? That only the rich get to be safe? Where is it written that luxury is only for the few? If it is written somewhere, we couldn't find it". I hope someone can help me out! Thanks.
I'm not sure, but it might be "Rachel's Song" form the Blade Runner soundtrack.
I believe the agency that created the Kia Amanti ad campaign is called "David and Goliath", you might have some luck emailing them and asking if they know the music.

Also, Kaceyjaye -- you get a huge gold star for making a such a descriptive post. I really appreciate that! :)
Thank you so much admin. I have contacted the agency per your advice, and I hope to hear from them soon. Thank you again for your counsel.
If you get a response could you post it here? I would like to know also. Thx.
Please be sure that I will post a reply from the ad agency once I receive it. I have submitted a second request for this information to them and will let y'all know once I've heard from them.
To everyone who is interested, I received a reply from Liz Campanile at David and Goliath Productions regarding the artist singing in the background of the Kia Amanti commercial. Her reply is as below:

Hi Kacey,
Nice hearing from you.
The music company who did the work for the Kia "Books" spot is called Hum and they're based out of Santa Monica, CA. Unfortunately, they don't sell CDs of their work but you can visit their website at to hear more.

Thanks for your interest in our work!

Liz Campanile
Broadcast Production Mgr.
did you find that actual song? that sucks cause its really cool and i want to use it!