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What was the track and artist(s) played while the lead character and his best friend were discussing, while in a night spot, handling two dates in one night? :)
I watched this episode last night, and I believe it's the Black Eyed Peas "The Boogie That Be", the same song used in one of the ipod commercials. If it's not that particular song, it's definitely a BEP song. (I hope!)
I would like to find out what the song/artist was that was played at the end of the episode on Dec. 1 when Kevin Evelyn were in the hospital and decided to be together. I was right at the end of the show. If any one can help, I would apprecitate it! :)
Can you descibe the song? lyrics? vocals? genre?
it was a slow song... talking about being together with the one you love and that you are meant to be
Does anyone recognize the song that was played at the end of the April 13, 2005 episode of Kevin Hill? The show's title was "In This Corner"(episode 18) in which a boxer is on trial for killing a man in a bar fight. A woman sings a slow song at the end. I wish could give more but I only caught the last few minutes of the show. Thanks
I was looking for the name of the song which is played in the background when Veronica enters the bar.It's almost at the end of the episode (around 35 minutes has elapsed) and Dame is at a bar and Veronica comes and tells him that she wasn't pregnant.It's an R&B-song and the first line goes something like:
"If you have to remember,when you heard..."
does anyone know the name of the song at the end of the episode of kevin hill where melanie ( sarah birth mother signd the adoption papers ) its starts of

'i guess you dont need it i guess you dont want me to repat it but everything i have to give i give to you'

then it goes
'you will shelter me my love and i will shelter you'

Did some Googling for ya ...

And, I should note, I did NOT see the ep in question, so ...

Found out that the ep - season 1, ep 17 - was called "Only Sixteen" ...

And, I don't know if this might get you started in the right direction, but here's an IMDB page about that ep ...

Good luck!
There you go.