One Tree Hill Season 1

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Hey you guys,

What is that song that plays in the beginning of One Tree Hill, on the WB. By the way, you are the best Michelle :D
does anybody know the song in the episode where nathan takes steroids when hes doing pull ups in the doorway to the room. its like a rap song that starts out "oh noo"
Hey I've been looking for this song played on the first season twice on One Tree Hill. I checked on a one tree hill website and they said the song was "Time" by Runaway cab but its not the right song, its different

This song is played in episode 7 when Lucas breaks into Paytons room when she is drugged.

Its also played in episode 21 when Lucas gets bumped in the playoff game and a fight breaks out.

The lyrics go something like "Hey hey take it all away, hey hey drink it all away" like a hard rock song.

If this looks familar to anyone please respond, thanks a bunch
Based on the lyrics, it might be 'Lamont's Lament' by CATCH 22.
I tried that song, its not it but thanks anyways

Its like a hard rock song, sounds kinda like the Offspring
Its just easier to add on as oposed to start a new post! SOOOOOOO

does ANYONE know the exact song that was playing when Peyton was spray painting the t shirt and then walking down the halls of the school? I dont have speakes so I am unable to sample the music.

Also how did the show end some idjiot hit a pole and we have no power at the apt. :angry:
Ok I can't really tell you what happend in the end of the episode it was really intesnse I don't want to spoil anything for you. The name of that song by the way when Payton is making the shirt is

"Shoot Your Fun" - 22-20's
icepatrol i think the song that you're looking for is supafuzz's i did it for the drugs. it sounds like them but i can't find a sample of that particular song or the mp3 anywhere. but if you take a listen to the samples of their other songs, the sound is the same. good luck!
I've been re-watching the first season of One Tree Hill, and I've been searching for a song on it, but I can't find it anywhere. It's in the second episode, "The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most", playing in the background in the opening credit scene, where Nathan and Peyton are making out in his car. If anyone knows what this song is, I'd be very, very grateful to know what it is! Thanks!
Check this list, maybe its the first one...

Overdue - Get Up Kids
Switchback - Celldweller
Hard to Find - American Analog Set
Beside Me - Forty Foot Echo
To Hell With Good Intentions - McLuskly
She's Got It So Phat - Bosshouse
Echo - Vertical Horizon
Further - Longview
Belief - Gavin DeGraw
Hi, I think the song you're looking for is "Hard to Find" by American Analog Set. Hope this helps