Kevin Garnett Adidas MVP


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Anyone know the name of the song that plays in the Adidas commercial for Kevin Garnett, that says the MVP award is in good hands?

I have made a copy of it for you to see and listen to, it is only 1 meg, so it won't take the long to download.

If anyone can name that tune, I would appreciate it.

I have contacted Adidas and have not heard back from the yet.

I've been looking all over the internet for answers and now I've come here... It sounds like a band I know but so do a lot of other songs I've heard, ah well, PLEEEEEASE help. Thank you. P.S. I can't find a link to contact ADIDAS, you're my final hope!
I have been lookin' too and I can't find the song anywhere either however to Millerman1983 I did find a site to e-mail adidas E-mail Adidas, but this could just be a link to their products portion of the company site I'm not sure.

Hope it helps!!! :rolleyes:
hey does anyone know what song is playing in the background of that Adidas commercial with Kevin Garnett putting talcom powder on his hands and it says something about the MVP award? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
I contacted Adidas and they informed me the music is an original composition by Jonathan Elias. Original compositions are typically very difficult to find and obtain, unfortunately.
the song in teh commercial where kg, is a gladiator, commedian, he is a little's not a song it sounds like a piano and it's kinda sad

I would like to know where this came from, too. It shows Kevin Garnett doing different things, from gladiator to comedian, etc. The music is just a piano, played mostly on the higher notes. The tagline is "Impossible is Nothing." Has anyone seen this?
hopefully it turns out to be as popular as the adidas commercial so we can get a full song
I really like that song also.. It's catchy.. I hope I can get that song
one day. I want that song!! please!! Damn Jonathan Elias
damn he and his mama!!
they made the impossible is nothing commercial available. any chance they have this on display anywhere (preferably in a quicktime format)