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I think I asked this on here before, but despite the fact that the topics count is in the hundreds, i can only see 7 available... so I'm not sure what the reply to it may have been... so here it is again.

I want to know who conducted / produced the music used in this game. It's incredible music, I just can't locate it anywhere! Nor can I find sources. Soo can anyone help?

- thanks
I contacted Eido about this a while ago and they told me the music was sourced by a company called "I 10 Q". I attempted to contact them using the e-mail address on their WEBSITE , but i got an e-mail back from the postmaster saying the e-mail couldn't be sent.

I seem to remember a different name being mentioned in the credits of the game, so if you watch them for a whil it should say someone. I can't do that since i no longer have it, having finished it.

Hope that info helps, if you find anything out let me know because i love the music too!

You can listen to some of the music on the official Just Cause website which is here