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can anyone steer me to a place/artist(s) who create the 50s style of music that is used whenever there is a parody of 50s-style education films? A good example of this is the Juicy Fruit commercial where the host is on a high school campus and the girl is standing there with a car door in front of her. Then, to keep the other kids away from her, she rolls up the car door window.

I'm really wanting to find this kind of music but don't know where to turn. Any help is greatly appreciated.

That's a tough one - I've never seen that commercial. But, if the ad is using some sort of 50s educational style film instrumental music (as you described it), it's most likely a short piece of licensed music or "stock" music from a commercial music library. That style can be fairly generic and can be bought for use by commerical production companies for use in ads.
I've seen that commercial...you hear a lot of that corny 50s music on the old Ren & Stimpy too.
Why don't you try listening to that "Music for TV dinners" cd at the bottom of the board index page? That is some 50s cornball crap right there.