joseph abboud fall 05 collection runway music

oooh very cool song, I tried searching and so far nothing.

The lyrics I caught were:
"hey mrs grey
are you awake yet
your beauty sleep is just a ?
those lines on your face, they tell your story
so now it's time for ?
oh look at you(look at you) a thousand miles above the ground
you're not coming down
Oh ?
you drift above, you're spinning round
you're not coming down
hey mr blue we feel ?
do you still flirt with her next door
wear that dress ? from your mother
it doesn't fit you anymore"

It's a guy singing, but his voice is processed so it sounds like it's electronic, and there's a driving beat in the background.

I'll keep looking, but hope the extra info can maybe help someone else figure it out. :)
great job with the lyrics. :) i too have been unable to google them with any success. hopefully someone will recognize this intriguing song.
wait, scratch that -- i got a little creative with google and it turns out it's a french song called "hey mrs." by a group called i monster.

full lyrics:

Hey Mrs. Grey
Are you awake yet ?
Your beauty sleep is just a dream
Those lines on your face
They tell your story
So now it's time for laser beam

[Refrain] [Refrain]
Ah look at you
A thousand miles above the ground
You're not coming down
Ah what a view
You drift about
You're spinning down
You're not coming down

Hey Mr. Blue
You feeling randy ?
Do you still flirt with her next door ?
Wearing that dress
Nicked from your mother
It does not fit you anymore

[Chorus] [Refrain]

Hey Mrs. Green
Who's that you're out with
He's twenty five, but not your son
Show him your bits
It's what you're there for
This woman's weekly keeps you young
woo hoo!! Nice job!

any clue on the other songs used in the clip? I haven't even tried searching yet but I figured I'd ask first in case you knew. :)

--nevermind, I figured them out :)