Johnnie Walker "Fish"


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Johnnie Walker

hi I am looking for a classical piece of music from the new Johnnie Walker ad! The one with the people-dolphins kinda weird one..... :ph34r:
Johnnie Walker "Fish"

There's a really cool commercial called "Fish" for Johnnie Walker. I believe it is only airing in the UK, not the US at all. I can't find any information on who did the music for it, or where you might find it. Anyone seen this one??
The Vodafone music detection service says it's "House of Mischief" by Kenyatta. I couldn't find nor download it anywhere, so yet I can't confirm.

Let me know if you're successful. I'm very interested in this soundtrack, too.
Well, thanks for the hint, it's certainly more than I've been able to find. I came up empty on that song as well. Let me know if you do find something, as will I.
hi! I really loved the song in the new ad of johnnie walker and I would like to know if anyone knows the name!! thanks! :lol: :blink:
Here's a link where you can view/download this amazing commercial. As far as the music goes, I'll take 100 : 1 odds that it was made solely for the commercial and is unavailable.
Does anyone knows the music of the johnny walker tv commercial, the one in the water with the fishes that turned out to be people, (people swimming like if they were fishes,they jump out of the water like golfins, and then one them reashes the coast, and then it says: take the first step.
Has he continues to walk to land, it appears another message: Keep Walking, Johnny Walker.

Anyone knows the music of this commercial????
Johnnie Walker

does anyone konows the music played in the johnny walker commercial, it's the commercial with people swimming pretending that they are fish.
Johnnie Walker "Fish"

What is the artist/name of the tracks used in this commercial?

Please help!!! thanks...