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Hello everyone

There is a new commercial by Jeep promoting their new 4 doors jeep Wrangler. It uses a song by the Fat boys but it is a remix version of the song and not the original version. The song is called, I believe, "the human beat box". It starts off like this... Blurrrr stick'em huh huh stick'em.... then it loops that phrase several times before looping the beatbox sound...

Does anybody knows who remixed that song and what cd can I find it on...

thanks for your time

I normally hate making "Me too" posts, but I'm making an exception here. I am also a DJ on the weekends, and I love breaking out a long-lost ol' skool song like this every now and again. I'd absolutely LOVE to know who has done this remix because it's got some serious flavor...

Who knows the answer? Please speak up!!!

What song is it that plays for the new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited commercial? It's some guy beat boxin' and it's been in a couple other commercials in the past, but I can't google it for the life of me right now. The lyrics go something along the lines of...

"*beat boxing* Ha haha! Stick 'em! I rock the beat box"
It was indeed Fat Boys "Human Beat Box." And if it was remixed it was only by whoever put the commercial together as it sounded pretty on track with the copy of the song I managed to get a hold of. Anyway, thank you for this.
all i know is that i was a jeep commercial and was very rythmic....sounded like beatboxing to me..... im 95% sure it was jeep was the first time i had seen it and i loved it when i heard it.....but if i see it again ill update ya.