JC Penney Fall Commercial


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What's the name of the song / artist in the JC Penney commercial that's been running for the past few weeks (today is Oct. 2, 2006)

It is NOT the commercial with OKGo. It has 2 versions...one of women and one of men. The one for women starts off with a small girl licking a lollipop that melts in her hands as a "hot" woman walks by. It shows various women walking or standing melting things or causing flames in their proximity because they are so "hot". The womens ad shows all the candles in a shop lighting as a woman walks past, a yellow painting dripping to the floor as another woman looks at it & the sprinkler system going off as a another "hot" woman walks through a room. It ends with a woman getting out of what looks like a '70 Cutlass Convertible and walking away with a fuel tanker truck in the background.

You can view the ad at http://www.jcpenneybrands.com/ It's called Hot! Hot! Hot!

Some have said that the music in the ad is a remix of Jakob Dylan's cover of "Bang a Gong", but I downloaded that and it's not it or if it is, it is a serious re-mix. Does anybody know where I can get the music from this JC Penney ad?