Japanese music longest line

Hermit MMood

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Okay, there's this apple store that opened up in Tokyo, Japan in one of the most richest districts, and during the video there are several songs that are played.

I like all the music and I don't know any of the names of the music.

If you can, can u watch the first 2:30 minutes and tell me what song/band that is, and if possible watch the rest of it, and tell me what the other songs are?

BTW, if you think it'll be a pain in the ass, the video is very cool. Look how line is for a single stoRE!!!
Longest. Line. Ever.

Man, that made my eyes and head hurt. No clue on the music though, just sounds like two songs... I think. :(
amazing line. hope they are open 24hours, cuz theres no way most of those people will get to go inside on a 12 hour day especially if people are going to order their mac's.
anyone have any clue what that music is? or what type of genre it is? i really like it.

can any of you recommend any artists/specific music like that that I can find?
i am thinking of switching to the light side(macs). I think their logo is just so cimple, yet elegant. I love how they dont build anything backwards compatable though. They make so much more money that way. But there is only one down side.... wait... why do you need to know... why am i telling you all this?