Jake 2.0


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There was this excellent part hip/hop-rap and part rock song playing on the premier episode of Jake 2.0 this past week. It was playing when Jake first started to realize he was stronger then he previously was. Excellent tune along the lines of Linkin Park ... but not them.
BTW the show was surpisingly good.
never even heard of this show -- what channel is it on? we might find info on the network's website.
It's on UPN I believe.. stars the guy that played as the grandson on last night's rerun of CSI - the one who's gramma drove into the restaurant when she meant to follow her GPS to the insurance company that was screwing her over.. also was on a Without A Trace episode, the teacher that fell in love with his student.. which made me wonder why he went to UPN when he got so much work at CBS, but I don't spose character actors have much of a contract with the networks, and go where the work is.. and don't ask me why I'm typing all this, I must be protein deprived or something cause I'm just rambling and rambling and rambling..
Well, UPN has a section for the show Jake but not much info. (Don't think UPN keeps up with a music/episode guide for any of their shows, so it's probably a dead end...)
Wednesday at 9:00 on UPN. The premier was much better than I expected. Had a little bit of a Smallville feel to it. I had checked UPN's site for the song but, as you said, they didn't have much. You'd think they would follow the WB's lead on Smallville and list the songs on the site. This was an excellent tune.