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I'm looking for the music from what I think is the first iPod ad, or at least a very old one.

It starts with a guy sitting at a computer listening to music, and he's bopping along with it, then downloads the tune to his iPod and - with no break in our hearing the tune - he pops on the headphones and dances across the room and out the door.

Anyone remember this? A friend told me it was by "The Strokes" but I listened to the clip (after much grief getting the clip to work) and it wasn't even close.

Wasn't their an ad on tv showing some guy downloading a song on the computer awhile back... Except I don't think it was for the iPod. Anyway, the song in that ad (whatever it was) was "Alpha Betta Gaga" by Air. You can hear an audio sample here.
Thanks Michelle.
That was a cool tune, but not the right one...

The ad was a guy [Indian? I heard he was an MTV or VH1 v.j. actually...] sitting at his Mac and listening to tunes and they show him download the tune he is listening to onto his iPod (this is old, it was a first generation) and then he unplugs the iPod and puts the headphones on and dances to the door, grabs a coat (I think) and dances out the door. The tune plays over the whole ad, no voice that I remember.

It was a cool, funky, dance-able tune. But it didn't have that foreign string instrument sound that this track you suggested has...

I have a good friend who remembers exactly which ad, but she can't remember the music either :(
Hopefully someone will remember! :D

I know it was probably several years ago... Apple doesn't have any info about it on their website either.
thanks so very much and for anyone reading,
here's the link to get the sample on amazon:
amazon album link

[hope that works, i'm a total newbie, never posted alink before...]
Wow, that ad sounds really bizarre! And, I really don't remember it at all. Are you located in the US or somewhere else? Anyway, glad you figured it out. :)
Hey u guys i figured out
what the song is the from the very first ipod commercial,
its "Take California" by the Propellerheads
its a real good song