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Clearly, the music used for this intro was a remix of their song. However, I know very well that it was NOT Dead or Alive that performed it. I NEED TO KNOW who sung the song so dutifully stuck in my head......
You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive.

Sorry about that.......I have been extremely ticked off because of the fact that there's a remix of this song, and no one seems to know it exists. Sort of like how I felt when I went to buy The Guyver & Guyver 2 today and no one knew what the %*^)* I was talking about.
What I find even more disconcerting is that the remix I'm looking for may or may not be on this list. One thing is certain - it HAS to match the music from the commercial.
maybe it was done just for the ad you heard it in, which could explain why you can't find it anywhere. :unsure:
Re: TNT's Invincible - UPDATE!!!!!!!!

<_< After several years of searching, and analyzing the commercial for the movie (both on YouTube and from an old TNT recording), I finally found the track they used.

The winning artists are: "Dope featuring Marilyn Manson". Twas an aggravating search, but I'm glad that it's finally over. :cool: