indie song



I heard this song about 2 years ago at a Starbucks. The song is kind of indie/folk sounding. Female vocals that sound similar to the lead singer (high pitch, hint of twang) of Six Pence None the Richer.
The chorus goes like this: "...stay the same....don't ever change"
No. The song I'm looking for is indie/folk, not r&b.
go to and check stores then music, i think. They have a pretty good listing of there compilations. If it is that old though you may have a problem. Starbucks "expires" their cds so that the shops don't play the same thing over and over and licensing is probably a factor as well. ( I work there)
The song is older (a few years). I'm out of the country for a while and there's no starbucks (imagine that!) :D