In Her Shoes


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What is the piece that starts playing 75% through.

"You got to get your self together"
Hi! I have hear the beat before and I already checked the other post but that's not the song I am looking for.

Song in beginning is what I am looking for :)
At the end of the new In Her Shoes trailer, a song comes sounds really familiar. Anyone know?
Hello, I believe it's:

U2 - Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of


Mychael Danna - Shattered Glass

~ Mia ~
There's a song that plays throughout the spot, sorry I couldn't find it online. I've heard the song before, I'm just not sure when or where. It's a keyboard piece and it has a woman start to vocalize in it as well. Sorry if it's a bad description.
I just saw the extended "In Her Shoes" TV spot while watching Desperate Housewives, and it had a piano/strings piece in it that I hadn't heard in any other TV spot for the movie. I've heard the exact same piece before in the documentary "New York: A Documentary Film". The song was featured in the last part entitled "Center of the World" which was added to the film after 9/11, and focused on the World Trade Center. I would love to find this song, as I couldn't find it on the original documentary film soundtrack.
The Perpetuum Mobile song. What other trailer has it been it, its really itching at me after thinking about it.

recent, 2004. Romantic comedy.
im pretty sure it was the US or int trailer for In Her Shoes that the song was played in
In Her Shoes (2005)

wat is the name fo the song at the end of : In Her Shoes (2005)