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Hello everyone, I just had a small question. What exactly is the track playing in the background in the lord of the rings supertrailer when frodo tells sam 'go on sam, give rosey a dance' ? Also what is the string piece playing while eowyn asks aragon 'who is she, the woman that gave you that jewel?' and continues through to where sam is saying 'its the ring, its taking over you..'. Also, what is the music playing while the Ents, lead by treebeard, are marching towards Sauraman's stronghold? Thanks, for all your help:)


Jordan Michael
For the first question, the song is called "Concerning Hobbits". It is the second track on the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack.

For the second question, the song is called "Forth Eorlingas". It is track #16 from The Two Towers soundtrack. This is also the same song that is playing while the Ents are marching toward Isengard.
I've been seeing a commercial on TBS for an upcoming airing of the "LOTR" trilogy, and a beautiful instrumental piece is playing in the backround. Can anyone tell me what it is? I've seen it used on several other commercials and things, and am dying to get my hands on it. I thought it might be on the "LOTR" soundtrack, but was unable to figure out which song it was using amazon. Can ANYONE help?

I would be forever indebted to anyone who might be able to shed light on the name of the song and which CD I can find it on. THANK YOU!!! BTW, I wasn't sure if this post should go here or the TV commercials board; feel free to move at your own discretion. THANKS!
Gosh, I thought that including the clip would make it easier for others to help me figure out what song this is! I wish I could remember where else I've heard the song used before...

Anyway, I went back and re-listened to all of the tracks on the LOTR soundtracks. I am PRETTY sure it's from the "Two Towers", because some of the later tracks seem like they have a smidge of the same music. Unfortunately, since they only let you listen to about 30 secs of each one, I can't figure out if I am right that it's on that CD. Can ANYONE please help me? I would appreciate it sooo much, you have no idea!!!
I don't recognize it from the LotR soundtracks - and I listened to TTT the most - but I'll pull them out and take a listen... honestly it reminded me of the score from "The Land Before Time", particularly the very last bit after the VO says "look at their competition" but it's such a small snippet that doesn't mean anything :)
I only caught that because I used to play "If We Hold On Together" on the piano for church all the time :rolleyes: but perhaps it is something by James Horner?
I know it's been awhile, but I'm still in search of the song used in this promo. Can anyone help? I noticed that the clip has been viewed over 300 times, so many of you must have at least watched it! Please, if anyone can give me any info, I'd really appreciate it!

BTW, NumyMufn, thanks for your response! I've tried looking through several of James Horner's scores and can't pinpoint it. It's so frustrating not being able to figure it out! I've literally been searching (off and on, of course) for this music for years.

Funny you mention James Horner because it reminded me of The Legends of the Fall soundtrack....

I also don't think it is from the LOTR trilogy.. I know fat lot of good that does. :)
I can barely hear the song, and it's not a very long clip, but it also sounds like a James Horner clip to me...although the song it sounds most similar to, to me, is "Sons of Scotland" off of the Braveheart soundtrack.
Hi I found this trailer for LOTR and i did'nt find the music from 1:40 to 2:02 someone has a n idea please?:)
Can someone help me please identify the 2 songs played in this Teaser Trailer ?

The first one is from 0:35 to 0:55


The second one is from 1:00 to 1:46

Here is the Teaser Trailer i am talking about:

Gothic Power from X-Ray Dog for the first one.
Weather Funeral from Pfeifer Broz for the second.
Gothic Power from X-Ray Dog for the first one.
Weather Funeral from Pfeifer Broz for the second.

Thank you so much for this Nephtys. You are a life saver...
God bless you and happy new year...