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CDNOW.com used have a section on their site before they sold their soul to amazon - devoted to music heard in commercials, trailers... radio ads but then the forums and their Seen & Heard section was gone. I was so HAPPY when I found these forums and the site today! Oh joyous day!

I have no idea what the rules are for posting questions or info on music as I already posted... but YAH FOR ADTUNES!

Welcome to the site -- glad you found us. Too bad about CDNow.com -- never knew they even had a section like that. Oh well, don't need it anyway! ;)

As far as any posting "rules" -- You're welcome to post new topics asking questions that haven't been asked before (Our search function works great for seeing if someone else has already asked about or answered your question!). And, posts to announce the name of a song you recognized in an ad/show/movie/etc are greatly appreciated (which I noticed you've already contributed)!

How did you find Adtunes.com?
I found adtunes through a google search. I was looking for the music used during a HBO promo. It's Mel Torme's 'Comin Home Baby.'
Yeah this place is great. Espicially since the admins actually look at the topics, unlike some other forums I go to... <_< I also found many song titles that appeared in commercials that have bugged me for hours. I love this place! :wub:
I'm glad all of you enjoy the site. The more members posting in the forums, the better music resource we'll have here. It's much appreciated.