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I'll Be There is a new movie coming out next summer from WB. Does anyone know what song Charlotte Church is singing in that clip? It doesn't sound like what I'm used to hearing from her. As well, what song is playing at the end of the trailer?
The song she is singing is called "Would I Know". You can find a sample and lyrics of that song along with other songs form the soundtrack here. The song at the end of the trailer is "Save it for Later" by Splender. You can find it on their album "To Whom it May Concern" at Barnes and Noble.
does anyone know where i can find the song to download, or if the movie has been released already? it says june 20th, but i don't know if that meant june 20th 2003 or 2004.
It was released in June 2003 in the UK and for a limited release in the US in August 2003, but hasn't had much play because apparently the movie did horribly. You will be able to see it on DVD at the end of January 2004.

As far as how/where to download the song, we don't allow public discussion of that process. Please discuss that via Email or Private Message.
yeah, i read on IMBD that they had done horribly and gotten terrible reviews. i mostly just watch the preview for that charlotte church song. i've never been a big fan of operaesque music so i've never listened to her much before.