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ok this is my first time posting, sorry for the ambiguity...
there is this song that is at the end of a billion movies and in a lot of trailers..

its from the 80s i think and there is a mans deep voice repeating "all the way" or "on the way" followed by a guitar solo thats upbeat.. any clue? thanks :blink:
theres this song in the movie ice age ((u kno the animated one)) and it has this rele cool funky beat...ive heard in so many movies cuz the beat is reely good but ive never found out wut its called!

i dunno if u remember but a while ago ( i think this summer) a show called RESCUE ME came out (its like a drama/firfighters thing) the whole trailer had the same song!
can anyone help me? :unsure:
i don't know about the rescue me trailer. but the funky beat from ice age you might be thinking about is - "send me on my way " by rusted root. you can find a sample clip here. it's not included in the original soundtrack though.
I checked out some of the trailers for rescue me and the only song i heard was "c'mon c'mon"
by The Von Bondies i don't recall that in ice age though so...