Ice Age 2


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it's a type of pop beat or something, but i can't find what the song is.
its just a trailer advertising the ice age: the meltdown movie.
anybody know?
I havent been able to find the music in this commercial anywhere but I do know that it is a real song, and wasnt just made for the commercial. I'm not even really able to describe the music as I only saw the commercial once about a week ago but its a fairly old song and should be easily recognizable. Also I saw the commercial on TBS.
It's not "Under Pressure" but I heard the commercial again and it has a quiet bass line and then three horn 'hits' if that helps any.
Hmmm..the only two songs i heard in the ice age 2 trailers were
Ice Ice Baby -Vanilla ice
I'm gonna be -The proclaimers
Ice Ice Bay-Vanilla Ice, this song heavily sampled "under pressure" which was done by Queen as well as David Bowie. Anyhow, that's my two cents worth. :ph34r: