I Want to Marry Ryan Banks



anyone know who sings the ballad at the end of the movie??? It has the lyrics "love changes everything..." it's not much but accidentally deleted it off TIVo before I could get anything else..... I've tried abcfamily.com and the message board...no one seems to know but I know someone here will!!!!!

Thanks in advance!!!!!!! :rolleyes:
the song was by Shaune Ann Feuz.....she's a new singer and the song isnt really available anywhere :(
Hi out there, I am Shaune Ann Feuz 's management and would like to thank you all for your support ! we have had a overwhelming response over the the song " Love Changes Everything".
Shaune Ann will be releasing the tune In July but if you are interested in getting a copy sooner please contact me 'Julie' at Feuzmuzic@cox.net and I will make arrangements to get you a single.
you can also check out her web site www.shauneann.com
thanks again