I, Robot

AHHHHH! whay must you tease me. I thought it was going to be an actual trailer. :(
oh man.. I just saw the actual trailer for this over at yahoo movies.. I need to change my shorts, I think I soiled myself. It looks like they are actually going to do the book justice. :)
I'm trying to figure out the song used in the TV Commercial for Will Smith's new movie I,Robot. Its a electronic/techno type song. Sounded like a Chemical Brother's or Crystal Meth song... Any help would be appreciated.
the music is not in either trailer (which can be seen here )

Its a TV ad for the movie that has the song I'm looking for -- hence why I posted it under TV Commercials and not trailers....
well as im from India so i cant see the tv ad here :(

but anyways here are songs used in i-robot trailer(s):

Immediate Music - Blasphemy 2.0
Magic Box Music - Criminal Menagerie
Music Junkies - P.O.W.
Don Davis - Navras
Immediate Music - Liberation

though i know u are not looking for these
Don Davis' Navras is the most predominant cue in the trailer's begining, its probably that.
Maybe you know what's the music in the trailer of I ROBOT (the trailer in the Apple website) when you see a robot jumping in the lab. It's near the end of the trailer but it's not the last music...
do you know what is the name of this music or when can i find it?

merci beacoup!

Can you tell us a little more about it...is it choral, rock, orchestral, anything like that?
I think I know what you are talking about and it's not Navras. I've been trying to find it to for a while. It's on the spiderman trailer I believe too. The one for the superbowl. If you go to this link....


It's the bottom right one. I hope that clears up what song it is. But if I'm wrong does someone perhaps know who plays that song?!
Nah, not that song...I have that cd...it's similar in some respects but it doesn't have that same bass beat.
Well, I know they played more human than a human on one of the TV trailers for I, Robot....except I think it was off the remixed "swinging" album or whatever...