I only have eyes for you



only have eyes...

I don't know what car commerical is using a jazzy girl-singing "I only have eyes for you", but who does the remake to this song??
You can just do a search on the forum, it was already answered, or just go here and scroll to the bottom.
This is going to be pretty vague, but I'll take a shot. I have the song "I only have eyes for you" in my head as being in a commercial in a very haunting jazzy rendition. Lots and lots of people have covered it and it's not Rosemary Clooney's show-tune-y rendition in the Lipitor commercial. It's some woman singing it, well, very sincerely, for lack of a better description. I went to the Apple music store and listened to all the different people who covered it but it wasn't any of those versions. Somebody suggested that Toni Tennile, of Captain and Tennile fame has done a cover of it, but I can't find it online anywhere, even though I was able to locate the album. Any idea who might be singing it?
Did you check The Covers Project site to see who else has covered that song? (Very helpful site, by the way.)
I looked about for the singer of the song in the Mercedes commercial, but found that others have been stymied by your same search. One contacted Mercedes and got the following response: We appreciate your interest in our recent advertisements concerning the Starmark Certified Pre-owned C240 Sedan. The music "I Only Have Eyes for You" by Harry Warren & Al Dubin is an original arrangement and not available for purchase. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to provide copies to the public.

the above is taken from an older post.

might answer your question, especially if you're having a hard time finding the EXACT version of the song you heard.

hope this helps a little too...
Does anyone know the commercial where there are all Martini glasses with olives and then someone orders something different and the olives (acting as eyeballs) turn to look at the "new" drink and the song "I only have eyes for you" but its a female singing it....Does anyone know who it is? Please let me know thanks....Louie
Sounds kinda creepy! Haven't seen it yet. Where are you located, US or Canada or elsewhere?
I haven't seen that one for a long time. If it's not an older ad then I'm confusing it with something else. Don't recall the music either way.

You can't remember the product Queenielou82?
Ya know what? I haven't seen it yet. I was confusing it with some ad where a sandwich in a fridge has olives mounted on toothpick stalks as eyes and talks to whoever is standing there with the door open.

Arm amd Hammer maybe.
The song has been recorded a number of times by female artists, notably Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald.

Can you describe the quality of the voice?