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I need to know the song from that Life Cereal commercial with the little boy carrying a bucket around a grocery store. The song is a cover of the song "I only have eyes for you." If anyone knows it, please, please tell me!
That's probably the name. Several people covered it. One is Art Garfunkel. Another is Ronnie Milsap.
Oddly enough...the little kid version I like the best. (the recent Rod Stewart a close second). I was hoping there was an mp3 out there of it...but I guess the song was done specifically for the commercial and not taken from some kid album. Hmmmm, maybe someone taped the commercial and made an mp3......
Hello again :) I need help finding the music that plays in the LIFE Cereal commercial with the little girl lookin' for somethin' and talkin'. It's an old song, so it's gonna be quite tough. Would 'preciate it if someone could help out. Thanks. :)
I have written an email to Life asking; I too would like to know it.
its the commercial in which theres a little girl and shes eating life cereal. the lyrics of the song are cause i only have eyes for you. do you guys know the name of the song?