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Has anyone seen the new Hummer commercial? It's so f*cking damaged. I love it! :p It has the coolest electronic beat. Anyone know anything about it?
Try the Hummer website.

Under HUMMER WORLD > TV COMMERCIALS you can view all the Hummer ads together with details of the music used.
I had a question, but it was stupid and I answered it myself.

Now I just have an observation that sort of sounds like a question. Does the song on the latest hummer commercial "Accessorize" (it's on their website) sound like lindsey lohan's "rumors" to anyone else, or am I out of my mind?

I'm only asking because I can't figure out how to delete this post now that I've figured out what the song is. Sorry.
The ad shows a Hummer (which is like the ugliest car in the hisory of the universe, but I digress), on a road (a bridge?) and it has kaleidascope-like images during the scenes. At the end it says "accessorize". The song is technoish. Anybody know?
You can view all the Hummer TV commercials on their website together with details of the music used in each ad (Hummer World > TV Commercials).
thanx. it's seventeen years by the ratatats if anyone else wants to know.