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can someone help me find the name of the music of the perfume 'SOUL' from HUGO BOSS!

its this guy in an elevator and you can see a girls lashes and it has female vocals kinda poppish
Please, help me out here. Has anybody seen a Hugo boss perfume commercial? There is always a beautiful girl and some guy and they start to flirt. all the commercials i've seen are basically the same and they have this great electronic songs, kinda break beat; but i can't find them anywhere. Plese, if somebody knows the name of the songs, or the bands, please let me know.
thank you.
hi everyone!
please, could somebody tell me?: the boss soul fragrance ad, whats the title of the song and the name of the band?
thanx a lot!!!!
Ah? Really? I registered here just to find out the name of the song... And now I can't even listen to? Damn it! ;)

Sad day for internet search. Couldn't find this song and couldn't find the name of the model of the Boss Bottled ad.
whats the name of the singer or song in the Boss Soul perfume commercial?