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Hello everyone. :) I need your help.

I'm actually posting this for other people, because several people from all over the net are looking for this with no luck. And now I really want to know too.

The song goes:

Moving on nothing's ever gonna stop me
Moving on I just wanna go my way
Moving on nothing's ever gonna stop me ya know
Moving on I just wanna look ahead
(yeah, yeah)
Moving on~

You can watch the commercial here:

And if you're wondering... I did spell energise with an 's' because I come up with more hits with an 's' than the correct spelling with the 'z'. :D lol

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

~ Mia ~
This is a commissioned music for the advert :

Title : Movin' on
Composer : Thierry Loshouarn
Artiste : Andrew Wales

Thanks to the P&G customer service ;)
Hey there,

For some reason I didn't get an e-mail notification for this one and I just saw your response, so sorry for the delay.

How did you find that? I still can't find anything on that artist at all or even how it's tied to that commercial. :(

~ Mia ~
Sigh~ only for the commercial then huh? :(

^_^ Thank you for the information.

~ Mia ~
hey, does anybody know the song from the hugo energize ad ? it say like ..
"moving on", n thers a guy running.

does anybody knows the song in the chic for man comercial ? thers a guy out of a black car, n he was like in a beach or something.
Its being shown during the world cup ... a guy running through the city and just jumping on things and the song is going "Moving On ... you know I wanna move it along" or something along those lines :)
Thnxxx alot ... i did a search and that never came up , i have no idea why