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So what I'm looking for is the techno music that’s playing in the background of this Corona Light commercial.

The commercial shows a beer, as it slowly moves from scene to scene (across a long bar), stopping every now and then to show different scenes, all with different people in different situations. One of the situations is a group of 3 men standing in a room where a party is going on with music in the background. This music is, or at least sounds to me like techno. The guys are suppose to be German I think (hence the use of techno music in the background), and one of them says, "you like my party eh"?, then the other two guys look to each other, basically saying, "yeah, good party". The commercial concludes with the beer ending up on a beach and their motto, "Corona Light.. miles away from ordinary".

So what I'm looking for is the song that is playing in the background of this one scene with the three German guys at the party, most likely techno.

i've seen this commercial too, i love that part with the german guys, the song sounds very very similar to depeche mode's i just can't get enough. everytime i see this commercial i think, so, what's wrong with that when the german guys come out. it's really good music!!!! :lol:
I've never seen this commercial. What channel did you see it on? where are you located?
I'm in USA, Virginia. The reason most of you might not have seen it is because its usualy on during the Conan O'brein show at 12:30 at night.
Sorry, but after Leno, I'm all laughed out. :p :lol:
Originally posted by andy@Aug 4 2004, 08:14 PM
Sorry, but after Leno, I'm all laughed out. :p :lol:
i almost ran over him one day in burbank... the idiot was actually jaywalking across a busy street in front of my car, like a moron. <_<
ahahah he was "jaywalking" huh.... those of you that watch the show alot will get the irony in that I hope. Cripes, does no one know my tune? Me wanty!