House of Flying Daggers


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Okay, I'm guessing that this is probably just off of the movie soundtrack, but if anyone could give me a definite answer, that'd be great.

The tune is off of the "House of Flying Daggers" trailer, and it is the first long piece. from where the snow is falling to where the protagonist is shooting three or four arrows. Kind of upbeat, with Asian instruments and a drum.

Ideas? Ideas?
not sure if yuou know this yet but the music is from the gladiator soundtrack and is called "now we are free"!! by hans zimmer and lisa gerrard! hope this helps
jxtc, the Gladiator track is used on another one of the various trailers, not the one Bayrose is referring to.
I've tried listening to bites of the House of Flying Daggers Soundtrack on Barnes and Noble but cannot find the song I heard on the cinema trailer, it's kind of enya-ish (for want of better description!)

Can anyone help me? I have been going crazy trying to find the music!
I'm afriad it is not the Peonyhouse in this trailer

This is the UK cinema trailer. Please take a listen and see if you can identify it.
Thanks for all your help!
Your lucky I have the Gladiator OST,
well it's on there and its track 17 " Now We Are Free".

sample here.
I cannot thank you enough! you have made a struggling music seracher very, VERY happy. Thank you! You are a top notch music researcher!
All the best!
The track used in this trailer is indeed "Now we are free" from Gladiators like Sophist and Mr.Inzane said but I came here looking for the track used in this trailer :

I bought and listened the entire soundtrack from start to finish and it's not on... There are some songs on the OST that really sound alike... they have the same rythm but it's just not the same song... the one in the trailer is way better. The soundtrack is indeed by Shigeru Umebayashi like someone said earlier but please help me find it. Just listen to it in the trailer you'll want to know the truth too.
Flying Daggers

Someone sent me a trailer online for House of Flying Daggers.

I absolutely adore the song it uses, but I have no idea where the trailer is from, what the song is, or how I can find it for myself. Any help possible would be appreciated.
'Now We Are Free' by LISA GERRARD from the Gladiator soundtrack.