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Does anybody know anything about Yann Tierson? The composer of the music for the movie Amelie.
Anyway, that new Honda commercial where they show all the people next to pictures of their cars which look like thier heads sounds an awful lot like his stuff. The phrase is "It must be love" and the music is this kind of tinkly french sounding music.
It just sounds like he might have written it.
It could just as easily not be him but it could be.
If anyone knows, let me know.
Ahh... I LOVE Amelie so much!

Have you checked his website? You should try emailing someone from there and ask them -- they'd know best!

It's worth a shot, good luck!
It showed owners of Hondas and their cars. There was some accordian music or something in the background. Anyone know the song. (don't ask why I want to know it)
Why do you want to know it? :)

Anyway, I haven't seen this ad yet. Can you tell us more about it? What else is happening in the ad? Is it for a particular model Honda? What network did you see the commercial on? (During what show?) Is it just accordian music? (No vocals?)
i was wondering if anyone found out who composed this yet

i love the little melody and wanted to find out more about its possible composer

there was a link on the front page to an additional unanswered question on the same commercial:

The other thread
Alright, I merged the two topics together, so there are a few repeat questions...

Don't know the music yet. Can't seem to find anything about the ad. Does anyone know what else was said in the ad (is it just a generic Honda ad, a Sale ad, which cars, etc...)? Any details are helpful.
The only thing that was shown in the commercial was random Honda cars and I'm guessing their owners, then "It must be love", then the Honda logo. I think they were just advertising all Hondas.
Oh and I saw it during the......Jimmy Kimmel Show (yeah so what?) and it didn't have any vocals.
Originally posted by Sharpshooter127@Oct 22 2003, 12:02 AM
Oh and I saw it during the......Jimmy Kimmel Show (yeah so what?) and it didn't have any vocals.
i see the show every now and again, so i'll watch out for the ad. :)
we watched the show tonight, but didn't notice the ad...

will keep an eye out...
I can describe the spot in a bit more detail.

It's a 30 second national spot. Playing off of the theory that pets and their owners start to look alike after a while, the commercial is nothing but a split screen of cars and the faces of their owners. IMHO, the truly classic shot is of a car with prominent side-view mirrors next to a man who has large ears that stick straight out.

As was mentioned before, it's a spot advertising all of their cars (or the company as a whole, depending on how you look at it).
I saw it last night in the last 15 minutes of the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. I gotta sleep earlier... :wacko:
I finally saw the ad, and had no idea on the music... I just searched again for any answers/clues and came up empty (again).

Maybe since it's been a few weeks, more people have seen it and will be talking about it, and have an answer...
Hello, fellow sufferers!

I'm not sure if this post is going to help ease the confusion or just add to it, nevertheless, I'm here. I don't know if it is the same Honda commercial or a different one, but I saw this one where about five cars each enter a carwash station, people then start washing their cars, and then they all leave at the same time. It has some sort of techno sound to it with Japanese vocals at the end.

like I said, I don't know if we're talking about the same commercial here.
I'm glad there's already a thread about this cuz I am dying to know trhe sonf too.

I found this link, you can view the commercial but it costs $2 per month to sign up:

Not sure if it's worth it but I thought others out there may be interested, I'll keep looking for more details.