Honda Civic Rebirth "Keyhole"


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there's a new honda civic commercial out and i already know that the song that plays in the background is "we will become silhouettes" by the postal service. i'm actually looking for a link to view the commercial. unfortunately i was paying too much attention to the song and wasn't really paying attention to the commercial so i can't really describe it. if i see it again i'll give you more details.
mmm thank you very much for the link. and again to anyone looking for the song to the new honda civic commercial it is called "we will become silhouettes" by the postal service. it really is a great song so check it out.
Hello everyone! Im wondering if anyone knows if the music in this commercial was made for the commercial or if its an actual song that I could get my hands on. Its about the rebirth of the honda civic. It has like a catepillar turning into a butterfly, spiders hatching from an egg, and other stuff like that. The music is techno. If I see the commercial again, I will pay closer attention so I can add more details to this post. Any info/help would be great!! Thanks all!
it sounds like you are talking about the one with the postal service's, "we will become silhouettes"
I know this was probably in the forum a while back, but I never found out if anyone could find this song. It was used in a Honda commercial about a year ago that was for the Civic Hybrid (I think...). It was basically just a gorgeous piano piece that was simple and beautiful. The commercial showed two things (like two different horses or colors or flowers) merging together to create one. It was very artistic looking.

Anyway, I hope that someone can remember this.

this is my first post here.
i saw this new commercial for the honda civic. it starts off with a snake coming out of a hole and they show various shots of it slithering down the street. the sound playing in the background is amazing. it's a lot like boards of canada/stereolab-ish sound. does anyone know who this song is by?
I believe the song you're looking for is ...

The Postal Service - "We Will Become Silhouettes"

I don't know if prior to your 1st post you had been reading this site, but it was already answered here before ...

Anyhoo ...


There you go.
What is the song played in the Honda Civic commercial where everything is growing (flowers blooming, a butterfly coming out of it's cacoon, a snake shedding it's skin, etc.)?
I think you're talking about "We Will Become Silhouettes" by The Postal Service.