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Hi.. anyone know what song is used here? not seen the advert myself.. being in the UK.. but I was told it`s Grandaddy.. plus any links to video of it would be most welcome indeed :) :)

EDIT: Found... Nature Anthem - Grandaddy :)
What is the song in the civic commercial that goes, "I wnna walk up the side of the mountain, I wanna walk down the other side of the mountain" Thanks for any input.
Lyrics are:

"I wanna walk up the side of the mountain,
I wanna walk down the other side of the mountain,
I wanna swim in the river and lie in the sun,
I wanna try and be nice to everyone..."

Know it?

Does anyone know the Title and Artist of the song in the new Civic Hybrid commercial.

The lyrics are something like "I want to walk to the top of a mountain..."

Originally posted by leone@Sep 26 2005, 04:09 PM
"Nature Anthem" by Grandaddy
and a great band, indeed. Any ideas where to find a link to the commercial? I want to share with the Grandaddy forum.

thanks, and glad to be part of a site dedicated to songs from commercials!

I've been searching everywhere for what song is in the new Civic Hybrid commercial. it's a couple, a man and a woman, driving in the civic, and they're talking but all comes out is word bubbles with pictures of fish and birds and stuff. the singer sounds really familiar, but I just can't place the voice.
The song is called "Nacher Anthem" by Grandaddy, led by Jason Lytle.

Earlier, I posted a link to the band's video of the same song. Try this thread:

ALERT: I've just been informed that the official title of the song is now "Nature Anthem." On the video, you'll see that the folks in animal costumes spell it NACHERANTHEM (I always assumed it as the name of the song) and the song had not been officially released until very recently on a compilation CD by Grandaddy called "Below The Radio."
KAcHT (11:18:49 PM): there is like animated flowers growing from the side of the screen and they are very colorful
(11:19:21 PM): and part of the song is, "i wanna climb up the side of the mountain"
Does anyone know the name of the song in the Honda Civic commercial with a man and a woman talking in speech bubbles? It sounds like my morning jacket or the flaming lips. Something about walking up the side of a mountain. Thanks for any help.
The song is The Nature Anthem by Grandaddy. It's featured on a compilation CD called Below The Radio.