Honda Civic Hybrid Commercial


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I've been searching around the internet looking for what song is playing in the background of one of the honda commercials being played right now.

The commercial is for the eco friendly honda civic hybrid and features the car driving around in a world where everything is green, the the roads are made of grass, etc.

the music itself is tricky to find, simply because there are no lyrics. It features a solo acoustic guitar playing a folksy feeling tune.

I haven't been able to find the commercial on youtube or other sources online.

if anyone has seen this commercial, help would be greatly appreciated

PS: I'm in Canada, I dunno if other the commercial is being played elsewhere.
no, this one is all "real" (no cgi or stop motion effects, just a car driving around on roads made of grass) and there are no vocals whatsoever in the song.

But if you know the song in the link you sent me, could I know it anyways? One cool song I wasn't looking for is still better than no music at all!
FOUND THE VIDEO! took a while even though all three tag keywords are honda civic grass (which is what I searched) youtube returned nothing. ugh whatever, enoug complaining about youtubes finicky search engine

so, does anybody know the song?