Honda Civic Commercial


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yo does any1 know that one jam on tha honda civic commercial where it shows sum kid walkin, then another kid on a skate board, then another one on a bike, and finally shows tha last kid get in tha civic and its sunny out side and tha camera moves along showing each person.....all i know is that tha background music is a spanish hip-hop jam..thanx
lol....yo does anyone even know wut i'm talkin about or recognize anything? maybe it aint honda civic, but it wuz a car commercial......
The ad is for the Honda Element. Can't help on the music though!
........kinda remeber it bein a small red car, like a ford focus maybe than a small SUV....but wuteva, if anyone recognizes anything jus post up a reply, thanx
aight, i jus say tha commercial i wuz talkin about last night, and yea its a red honda civic, wid a spanish hip hop song in tha back ground, and it shows,one kid on a scooter, then sum kid on a skateboard, then one on a bike who jumps a ramp and does a 360 in air, then moves on to a couple on a yellow mo-ped, and finally shows a red honda civc wid sum ppl gettin in tha car and drive off, if any one can help wid tha music or at least know wut i'm talkin about would be koo.......thanx