Honda Asimo "Run" robot

Oh I don't know what that music is, but I like it as well, and I'll try to find it.
its strange... there arent really any lyrics... so that could be hard...
i must be seeing a different commercial cos the one i seen sounds like some kid talking french and then a few times in there says "multi pass" and then it just goes "la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

there's a lil kid dressed up in white robot suit right? and another lil kid takes the robots picture a few times right?
less i'm seeing a different commercial tho.
thats not a kid in a robot suit... its a robot...
and hes racing an old person...

Did you click Run (on the top right), or "30 second commercial".... or "60 second commercial"?....

Theyre all the same, i think there are parts but out of the 30 second one...
Nevermind. Thought I found the answer, but it wasn't the same song...:what:
Asimo Run

Hi, I've been looking to know the song in the Honda commercial where Asimo is competing with a guy to see who's faster, very playful. The song is some sort of Bossa Nova and some kids sing, here's the link to the ad:


I'll appreciate your help. :D