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Okay, here's the deal: the music is very "airy", sonorous and etherial. I *think* the commercial is for Royal Carribean Cruise Lines... but I'm not certain. Ever sit around for hours scanning through hundreds of channels just waiting for the one you want? My God! It's torure...
Okay, also I know a line (or part of) from the song. It goes likee this: "ohh, we can begin again, shed our skin, let the sunshine in..." There's a little more to it after that, but since I don't know exactly what the singer is saying, I feel it would be pointless to include it (oh, and it's a woman singing, btw).
So that's it. I'm completely stumped. It's a newer commercial (can't be more than 6 months, tops), and again, I'm pretty sure it's for a cruise line -maybe Alaskan Airways, or Alaska Cruiselines... dunno. Any help would be marvelous. Thanks
It's called "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy. You can find it on their album "Long Distance".
Sweet merciful crap! Thank you Finchy. Truly, from the bottom of my crusty heart, thank you. Now I can finally turn off the damn T.V....
You know, it just dawned on me while listening to selections from "long Distance", that Ivy sounds a LOT like Cocteau Twins... is it just me or is she, they? Or part of "they" rather.
Ivy is great, btw. You can download a "Edge of the Ocean" from Amazon.com. They were also featured on the SOMETHING ABOUT MARY soundtrack.
I'm pretty sure it's a commercial for one of the big cruise lines (possibly Holland America?).

The music is very ethereal, and the song is sung by a female vocalist.

I believe that the last few lyrics for the song are, "We can start over again..."

Which commercial is this, and does anyone know what this song is?

Thanks in advance.
Re: Please Help Me With This Commercial

I also have a song title request from a Holland cruise line commercial but it is NOT the Ivy song (Edge of the Ocean mentioned in this thread. I know because I purchased that one from Amazon thinking it was the one I was looking for. I'm not sure if the commercial has played on TV - I've seen/heard it via internet ads.

It is, however, a female singer like the others mentioned and it shows tropical waters. Any tips?

@Finchy - the link you provided is no longer working, or at least not going to a specific song.