Hogan Knows Best


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i'm looking for the song when nick is saying that Json has different side to him and they show him dancing at a party don't remember lyrics sorry help .... anyone
Ok here's how u can hear and see the episode i'm talking about go to vhi.com click on Hogan knows best and watch brook's first date and watch for when nick say's Adam has a whole other side to him and they show him drinking and dancing at a party looks like a collage party. Please help watch and let me know thank you .
At about the 12 minute mark or so, Hogan is waking up Nick. There's no lyrics but it has someone whistling. I believe it's also been used in the Osbourne's show too.
In the getaway episode when Hulk and Linda take a trip to a hotel, the kids have messed up the house. Then, the son calls the dad and tells him that Knobs is wearing his spandex and pretending to be him, then Hulk says that they will be home in a few mins. After the phone call, some piano music starts playing, and its kinda jazzy. It plays for about a minute or so. I would love to know what this music is, as it has been on several other commercials and etc, but ive never been able to find it.
I have heard this song in Knight School (on the last episode) and in Hogan knows best (forgot which episode). Both songs occured at the end. This song a soft guitar tune, then as it went on, it was loud (and a nice tune). If anyone could please tell me what that song is, I would really apprechaite it! THANK YOU!
I haven't seen any topics about this show, but i'm looking for couple of songs featured in the episode "The Big Move", towards the end, the last 5-6 mins of the show, can anyone help? i got to know the songs featured in this episode, thx