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I just saw Hitch and I love the FIRST song that they play, its a rap song w/ some violins in it. Don't remember words, but it was very distinct. Anyone know this song? Thanks
That's my bad. The name of the song is "Ooh Wee" Feat. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife & Saigon.
Just for everyone's future knowledge, this is the same song they play in one version of the trailer for this movie also. :D

Had to edit, b/c pacman changed his post! :lol: Too quick for me!! Go with what he said, keep my comment above for an FYI.
All right, next time I add a post, I'll make sure I have all the information. The artist of "Ooh Wee" is Mark Ronson and the song is from the album "Here Comes The Fuzz." I hope you're able to find the song . Sorry about the editing crap. I hope you're not too confused.
just wondering if anybody knew the name of the song during the wedding scene at the end of the movie. btw, i got quite a few good tips from this movie. what'd ya'll think of it?
Didn't see it.. but PLEASE don't follow love advice from Will Smith.

That is all.
Check out the other thread, it was already answered.
"Ooh Wee" by Mark Ronson (Feat. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg, Trife & Saigon) from the album "Here Comes The Fuzz."
i thought the movie was cute, loved the end when they were dancing at the wedding. does anyone know the song playing when they're on the waveriders(?) in the harbor?
Does anyone know what song is being played during the scene where Hitch and his college buddy are playing pool?
is it the Sean Paul remix that's on the soundtrack?? i remember that song playing in one of the bar/club scenes.
:unsure: I didnt see the Sean Paul Mix on the soundtrack.... Is it one of these below?

1. I Thing - Amerie
2. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - John Legend
3. This Is How I Feel - Earth, Wind & Fire/Kelly Rowland/Sleepy Brown
4. Ooh Wee - Mark Ronson - (featuring Ghostface Killah/Nate Dogg/Trife Da God/Saigon)
5. Now That We Found Love - Heavy D. & The Boyz
6. Happy - Meleni Smith
7. Love Train - The O'Jays
8. I Can't Get Next To You - The Temptations
9. You Can Get It If You Really Want - Jimmy Cliff
10. It's Easy To Fall In Love (With A Guy Like You) - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
11. Reasons - Earth, Wind & Fire
12. Never Gonna Let You Go (She's A Keeper) - Omarion
13. Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle

could anyone please check out clip 3 and be kind enough to tell me what is the song in the background?? this is the scene where will smith is getting his mack on eva mendez. i think this song is from everything but the girl but i dont know the title. and its not in the soundtrack. so would anyone by kind enough to let me know? Thanks in advance!
Can anyone tell me name of the song from background in "DANCE LESSION " .
Thank you !
Up ! really dont anyone know the song of "dance lesson " It sound good !
it's been a while since i saw Hitch, but i seem to recall that Usher's "Yeah" makes an appearance during the dance lesson scene...but there were others too...
I know that this is the website for tv tunes, but I can't find the song in the movie "Hitch." The song is played in the first club scene when Will Smith was playing pool.