Might be alive
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I've been checking out these forums for awhile and they are always super helpful and one day I realized I might be able to answer some of these questions. So, hopefully I can help out in return for all the help I've recieved in the past. :)
yes yes, she has a thing for cats. Her photo has one too. Bestiality is BAD melisha! :angry:
There there, I'm sure Mr freckles knows you didn't mean to hurt him. He's somewhere in kitty heaven smiling down on you right now i bet :)
Boy, that Whiskers guy really did rip your heart out didn't he? Well you know what they say, it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. And I'm sure you'll find another guy out there.. any guy who gives himself the nickname of Whiskers has got to be trouble.
Nahhh nevermind.. i don't know if i can trust you, you'll just show melissa. I'll find someone else to show my whiskers too.