Hey Im New, Cingular Commercial???


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Well, Im new at this so lets just get it wet and see how this goes. There was a Cingular Wireless commercial a while back. It was the one where it starts out on earth and then starts zooming out until we get higher and higher and then all of a sudden we are in outer space?? And everything that we were zooming out was in the shape of the X, or their Cingular icon guy. If someone knows what the song is in that commercial, I would gratefully appreciate it. Wow, that wasn't so bad.

Can you give us a little more info on it? I don't remember that commercial, but if you describe it, it might bring it back to me!?
Thanks to you guys who responded. But, no. It wasnt that talk talk song. Um, its very vauge in my head. But, like it started out at something small then zoomed out until you could see the planet earth in space. And everything was turning into X's like the airport was in the shape of that X guy, then it would zoom out and like a satellite would be in the same shape. Im sorry, If something hits me, Ill let you guys know. Again its a Cingular Wireless commercial.

Thanks Again
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I remember someone asking about music from a similar (on earth, then zooms out to space), except I think it was an ad for beer! I don't know if they ever got an answer though.

Anyway, where are you located? Are you in the USA or elsewhere?

Can you remember the type of music? Whether it had any singing? And, is it an old ad or more recent?
Hey, seems like your everywhere huh? Um, it sounded kinda like that Sony Commercial song i was wondering about. It has a repeating piano chorus thing. Its a very pretty sounding song, and it must be recent because its got like wierd digital sounds and all that good stuff.

Yeah, Im in the US. Im in California. Union City, 40 min outside of San Fransisco. In the Bay Area. How about you Michelle??
Well, I feel kinda stupid. Hmm, you co-own it, that sure would explain it. Way to use your head Jesus.
Can anyone help, I know its probably kind of hard, but somone must know how I can find out.......
Have you tried contacting Cingular's Customer Service or Public Relations departments? They might be able to actually answer your question, or give you the name of the ad agency who created the ad.