Hey Everyone :) I'm New!


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How's everyone ? :)

I'm Kimmy but people call me "Bubbles" do to my bubbly personality.

I just recently stumbled on this website last night and figured I'd drop in and introduce myself to everyone. HELLO! :lol:

I love listening and humming tunes that are featured on tv...that are catchy..(80s music) is kind of my thing..or adult contemporary music and a bit of country.

When I'm not listening to music I'm busy with my studies.

I'm a journalism-broadcast major at SJSU (San Jose State University) located in California.

I look forward getting to know everyone as I'm sure most of you all around here are all seasoned pros when it comes to ad tunes huh ? ;)
You could say that, or you could call us obsessed geeks, it all winds up the same in the end. ;)

Hey and welcome!
Bubbles, whats happening? I'm gonna need those TPS reports on my desk pronto. Thankssssssssssss. ;)